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YOYO. Your on your own in an emergency.
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2.1.0 Individual Family Preparation Responsibilities

  1. Sign up for Pierce County Alert to receive advisory information on an emergency that could impact you.  That will have you receiving notification (wherever you and your family members are) of an incident that may affect you.
  2. Refer to your Fox Island Family Emergency Manual for the first steps in preparing.  No Manual? Click on this link (link to Manual contents coming soon...) to go to the Manual contents which you can read and/or download.
  3. In the Family Emergency Manual, go to Section 2, Page 1 for the basic steps for individual/family preparation.  That Manual will, in the end, guide you back to this FI-Ready.org website for access to more details and resources.
  4. Provide your Block Coordinator with the information needed for making contact with your residence in an emergency.
  5. Be prepared with a minimum of 30 ... Read More


2.1.1 Family Contact Sheet Download

Download: 2.1.1 Family Contact Sheet Download

Download the Family Contact Sheet, to record essential contact information about your family for use in an emergency.