Incident Reporting
Fox Island Emergency Prep

Fox Island Incident Reporting Guidelines:

Have an incident regarding an emergency, local hazard or other concern ON FOX ISLAND that you feel we need to know about?  Follow these simple steps to determine if your situation is appropriate for using this reporting tool:

  1. Did it happen on Fox Island?  If not, then don't fill out this form.
  2. Is this a criminal matter that is currently happening?  Call 911.
  3. Is it a fire, life-threatening medical problem or other URGENT emergency that requires immediate attention by first responders?  Call 911.
  4. Does it involve a bad driver, speeding, or any other traffic violation, or a criminal matter that happened in the pastCall the Sheriff's non-emergency number: (253) 287-4455
  5. Is this something else that does not require an immediate response, but is of concern to the Fox Island Emergency Prep Neighborhood Watch Team?  Fill out this form.
  6. Desperate for an immediate response to your question? Call Jim Braden at (253) 459-5588
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