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  I hereby request the Fox Island Neighborhood Watch to conduct visual check(s) of the property listed above. I understand that the NW is a voluntary citizens association without any full or part-time employees and without any licensed law enforcement personnel; that the NW will drive by or check above property when possible, as a courtesy, without any obligation to do so, to check the property for any suspicious activity at the property; NW members are not responsible for picking up packages. NW members do not make arrests, do not carry weapons and do not take any enforcement action, while on patrol. The NW will report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department; there is no representation by the NW as to frequency of any such house checks. The undersigned holds the NW and its members harmless from any loss or damage to the property or the undersigned that may be suffered by the undersigned through any action or lack thereof by the NW or its members or any third party.
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