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FI-Ready – Get Ready FAST!

Our main hazards on Fox Island are:  Earthquake, Fires, and Bridge Out.  Follow the blue Hot Links for instructions on how to prepare yourself and your family starting today.

  1. Start your building of a 30 day supply of food, and med’s.  Food is paramount.  If we are isolated (no usable bridge) then YOYO (you’re on your own). We all will have to depend on what we have stored.
  2. Refer to your Fox Island Family Emergency Manual (download).  Next, click on this link:  Manual Source for a hard bound copy to be delivered to you (These won’t be available until we notify you – probably in early May), so go on to 3. below).
  3. In the Family Emergency Manual, Section 2, Page 1 you will find the most important first steps to follow. Complete those steps!
  4. Confirm you are signed up for Pierce County Alert. If not, bring up the form you can fill out to directly order the PC Alert service. This service advises you of a catastrophic happening so you immediately know what is happening and if you need to react.  If that doesn’t work, Contact Us and request assistance!

- If you have completed your job to here, you are well on your way! -

The next step is to go to the Emergency Preparation section. On that page there are many resources to support your continuing preparation.  Go down the list there and as you have time, look at each step.  The first will be Individual Responsibility which you will have already completed!

Last modified on: 4/21/2024