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YELLOW = Elevated Condition

For FICRA, July is Neighborhood Watch (NW) Month.  Go to the Neighborhood Watch tab above for information on reporting a crime, preparing your home for vacation travel, and how to request home checke while you are gone.  Don't forget that FICRA is an all-volunteer operation and you can help with your donation to Emergency Preparedness of which Neighborhood Watch is a part.

Wildfires are still a primary concern.  Pierce County is still under Burn Ban conditions.  Watch the video 'Your Home can survive a Wildfire' found on the Home Page, or, go to  for access to the DNR website on wildfires. 

For those of you following the 'Prepare in a Year' program, July is Fire Safety Month.

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Fox Island Status
Green = Informational
Yellow = Elevated Condition
Red = Alert. Take immediate action

Last modified on: 7/20/2024